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Friday, April 11, 2008

Taylor Termite - Body

Yesterday I was able to build the foam body for Taylor Termite. It's really a simple part of the build. All I did was cut a piece of 1/2 inch foam 12 inches in width. This is glued into a tube.

For the thorax of the body I cut off a 6 or seven inch piece of the tube and removed four darts from each end. Then I glued the darts closed thus creating a taper at the top and bottom of the thorax.

The abodomen was a little trickier to make. I wanted the abdomen to extend at an angle from the thorax. To do this I took the remaining foam tube and cut an angle in one end. then I removed four darts from the angled end of the tube so that when they were glued shut the abdomen would match up with the thorax. I made sure to make the front dart long enough to allow the rod mechanism to exit the body of the puppet. Then I attached the abdomen to the thorax. Finally I removed eight darts from the tail end of the abdomen so that when I glued them together they would completely close the tail.

And wahlah. It was done.

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