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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Taylor Termite - Rod Mechanism Redo

I had some problems with the rod mechanism I posted yesterday. I was so tickled with the way it work that I spent a lot of time playing with it. After a few hundred squeezes of the trigger one of the wires broke. This had happen before with a lighter guage wire but I thought that a heavier wire would fix the problem. When the heavier wire broke I figured that guitar wire just couldn't handle the action of puppet opperation.

Well, I thought about the problem and came up with a different way of getting the action. First, I left the mouth bar exactly as I had originally made it. Second, I repositioned the trigger underneath the handle. Third, using a wire coat hanger, I made a rod that ran between the trigger and the back end of the mouth bar. I ran this wire rod through some refrigerator tube to keep it from flexing when the trigger is actuated. Fourth, I moved the spring so that one end hooked directly to the back end of the mouth bar. The other end of the spring was attached to the rod with a screw.

Below are some picture of the finished product. I am fairly confident that this rod mechanism will be able to stand up to use. This rod also doesn't have any wires that would have to be worked around when installing the rod into the mouth of the puppet.

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