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Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Dragon Shadow Puppet Video

I was watching Daryl Stiqman's PuppetLive blog, over a BlogTV, and he showed us a exerpt from the video, "The Little Dragon" performed by the Puppet Art Theater Co. This performance is a perfect example of the power of shadow puppetry and truly wonderful story telling.

I found it inspiring and am really thinking about how I would like to use shadow puppetry in the productions I'm working on. Because shadow puppets have different limitations when compared to hand puppets I think they would add to the power of a puppet show. I think they would also work well for dream sequences since they are two dimensional and monochromatic.

Regarding the boy puppet. I waiting for a chance to get to the foam store to pick up some reticulated foam so that I can get on with the building.

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