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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Puppet Theatre Build Update

The frame for the puppet theatre I've been working on is completed. The Base for this theatre is a large bin called a "Smart Bin." The frame work for the theatre is 1/2 inch copper tubing and the necessary fittings. I chose copper for three reasons. One, low profile when transitioning from fitting to tubing. Only about 1/8th of an inch. Two, ease of availability. In every community across the country I can get material to repair or modify the stage. And three, cost. Some may think that the copper would be an expensive alternative. The entire frame, excluding the bin cost me about $35.00. If you compared that cost with other options it's a pretty good deal.

The over all stage height is about 7 feet. The stage opening is 54 inches off the floor and is about 40 inches wide and 30 inches tall. The back drop will hang about 15 inches back from the front and the puppeteer(s) will stand behind with the drop hanging between him and the puppet. There are two arms extending out the front that will support the stage lights. All very securely supported by the smart bin. One thing I really like about the frame is that it is constructed so that you can still open and close the lid of the bin.

At this point I need to acknowledge that I based my stage design on the stage that Swazzle is currently using for their shows. I really like the versatility and and simplicity of their stage layout.

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